Monday, December 17, 2012

Free Nexon Cards / How to get NX for free!

It is extremely easy to get NX prepaid nowadays. No this isn't a scam or a hack, who would have the time to do that anyways?

Okay, this is what you need to do:

  1. First create an account here
    1. You should not put your main email, phone number, or address.
      1. Instead, create a new email account from
      2. Use a fake address: if your address is 123 N. Fake Ave., change it up to 132 S. Fake. Ave
      3. Change the digit of your phone number by 1 or 2 digits
        1. ex. if your number is 123-123-1234, chage it to 213-123-1231
      4. Why should you do this? Because you don't want telemarketers to continually call your number or send spam email to your account.
  2. Next thing you do is offers. My best advice for you is to follow what the instructions says and try to go to the last page. (You should use an autofilling program: if you are using firefox, get this addon ( it will make you life so much easier.
  3. Continue to do a lot of offers until you get 900 points, which is equivalent to $10. (This is extremely easy to do.
  4. When you have enough, you can select the prize you want, usually the code (if you select a giftcard) sends instantly.
  5. Smile cause its so easy to get NX for free. :D
**Note: If you don't want NX, you can get a $5 amazon giftcard instantly! It took me around 20 minutes to get this. The giftcard code was sent instantly on their website.

Link to create an account: here

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Swag Bucks

Hey guys, I found an easier method to get money online, but this time it gets even easier! All you have to do is sign up, and then make this your main search engine. You can get 10 swagbucks (around $0.50 cents) every hour. Search for random stuff, and you will get $ in no time! (I searched for 90210 season 2 and got a 10 swagbuck!)
There are some special code like today - search for Trade&Activate to get FREE 12 swagbucks (it expires today 6PM PDT) so claim yours today!

Search & WinSearch & Win

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free Games or Money!

Have you ever wonder how to get GAMES/NX CASH/Mesos/WII/PS3/XBOX 360/Video Card/RAM for FREE? Well, you come to the right blog then. *This is 100% no scam.

Offers Completed
Updated - 8/1

***After doing this, I got Guild Wars with all the expansions, a new Video Card, 50$ EBAY Certificate, and 100$ of NX cash. I would RECOMMEND anyone to do this. It is so EASY, and you get FREE things!

Step 1: How to get NX Cash or any other games for FREE?

OK everyone, I'm about to show you step-by-step how to get free Nexon Cards or WOW time card for free without the use of a credit card or a mailing address!

Whats the catch? Free stuff too good to be true!
" We know folks are concerned about the legitimacy and legality of this new approach to marketing products and services.
The business model is really quite simple: Advertisers pay us when you and your referrals try their products. We use this money to purchase the prizes and award cash prizes and we keep what's left over. "

Step 2: Sign Up!


(if you want paypal $)

Just click on the Sign up and use a unused/new email that you do not care about spam and junk BECAUSE you WILL get spams.

Step 3: Do Offers

Once there, you can scroll through the offers available. In order to receive your Free Nexon Card, you must complete offer(s) together worth 10 whole credit. The offers are extremely easy to do and do not cost anything. All you do is fill out a form with correct information for your credit to insure you get the points (*although you can put "fake" information, but there is small a chance that you can get ban). Make sure you check the offers requirements before you do them.

*Also, there's a handy little thing called Roboform ( which can fill in all Name, Address, etc. fields for you as well as select all the extra signup boxes as 'No.' in ONE CLICK. (You'll understand what I mean when you begin completing some of these offers). This is EXTREMELY handy and time-saving and a very secure/popular program.

**You should also clear your cookies between each survey/offer. This will help ensure that you get credit. A program such as Ccleaner ( is helpful for tasks like this.

Offers That I did to get 20+ Points

Offer NameOffer PointsDate Completed
$100 Red Lobster Gift Card0.42007-09-08 08:24:39
Free Maybelline Volum Mascara0.32007-08-24 19:53:21
Free Listerine0.32007-08-23 19:11:48
Free Godiva Chocolate0.32007-08-23 18:43:53
FREE PC Magazine0.352007-10-08 10:38:55
FREE Hot Chocolate!0.32008-07-20 14:56:51
Prize-O-Matic0.32007-08-31 23:16:04
Venus vs Intuition0.32007-08-23 18:55:50
Vote for the best pizza0.42007-08-24 19:56:32
GameVance - FREE Games0.52007-08-24 19:59:32
SnapDollars0.252007-09-15 17:09:49
UK-Voice in a Crowd0.32007-09-01 14:03:12
GroupLotto0.32008-07-13 20:21:19
The Final Payoff1.22008-07-31 20:43:52
African American Voice0.62007-08-24 23:42:16
UK Prize Draw - Win an iPhone0.72007-08-30 11:44:55
Permission Research0.72007-11-30 21:21:19
Singles Vacation Getaway0.42007-09-08 08:20:30
Your Free Surveys0.62007-10-08 11:32:58
Memolink Survey0.52008-01-30 20:10:33
Opinion Outpost0.62008-07-31 20:43:33
BigWin Airline Tickets0.252008-07-14 02:03:31
Prize America0.52008-07-21 02:26:23
Free Parents Magazine0.352008-07-29 01:10:28
Win a Nintendo Wii0.62008-07-14 04:27:49
Valued Opinions0.42008-07-14 01:14:47
Win a Costco Gift Card0.252008-07-20 14:57:49
Remedy Magazine0.52008-07-14 04:29:14
EverSave - Home Sweeps0.252008-07-31 20:43:38
EverSave Mortgage0.352008-07-19 20:36:14
FreeFlys0.32008-07-14 03:24:58
COS: Bloomingdales0.42008-07-19 20:15:57
Mother's Day Restaurant GC0.42008-08-01 13:48:20
Coke vs Pepsi0.42008-07-22 14:51:18
JC Penney II0.42008-07-12 17:46:48
Ideal Bite Newsletter0.52008-07-14 01:32:52
BigWin Laptop0.352008-07-13 01:03:15
MWR: Barnes & Noble0.42008-07-20 15:04:40
Synovate1.52008-07-11 09:51:51
ShopAtHome12008-07-14 04:29:31
We Cover Your Bills1.12008-07-10 23:22:04
Survey: Coke vs Pepsi1.52008-07-14 04:29:32
American Consumer Opinion0.32008-07-14 04:29:30
Pasta Recipes Cookbook0.252008-07-12 17:33:06
Free Halo Wars 0.42008-07-14 00:35:58
RealAge0.52008-07-13 09:11:36
SendEarnings0.52008-07-13 09:03:02
Win A Summer Beach Vacation0.42008-07-14 00:41:25
Grabbit Rabbit - Bugaboo Baby0.52008-07-19 20:52:17
FREE Clorox Disinfect Wipes0.42008-07-11 09:22:19
10k Scholarship0.42008-07-14 15:00:53
Survey Spot0.52008-07-12 17:00:49
Entourage vs. Sex and the City1.52008-07-22 14:51:22
Shopping For Singles0.82008-07-25 16:54:57

*Some of these might not be outdated or expired from the site.

Step 4: Receive the Prize

After you do offers and get the required amount of points needed for the item you want, click on VIEW PRIZE AVAILABLE and click CLAIM THIS PRIZE. It will take 4-7 days to get your prize. They send the prize by E-MAIL, if it is a code such as Nexon Prepaid or WoW time card, so check it often. Others will be physically sent to you. The site contain a support if any questions occur.

Prizes Include:
  • Related to PC
    • PlayNC Game Time Card - 60 Day
    • 30 Day Game Time Card SOE
    • $25 Nexon PrePaid Card
    • $10 Habbo Card
    • The Sims 2
    • The Sims 2 Seasons Expansion Pack
    • World Of Warcraft - PC
    • World of Warcraft Game Card 60 Day
    • WOW Expansion: Burning Crusade PC
    • Command & Conquer 3
    • BioShock
  • Related to Xbox
    • Xbox 360 Live 1 Month Gold Card
    • Xbox 360 Rechargeable Controller Battery
    • Xbox 360 Nyko Intercooler
    • 1600 Xbox Live Points
    • Xbox 360 Live 3 Month Gold Card
    • Play & Charge Kit Xbox 360
    • Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit
    • Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
    • 4000 Xbox Live Points
    • Call of Duty 3
    • Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Black
    • Halo 3 - Xbox
    • Forza Motorsport 2
    • Overlord
    • BioShock
    • Gears Of War
    • The Darkness
    • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
    • Guitar Hero 2 Bundle with Guitar
    • Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter
    • Xbox 360 Console 20GB Hard Drive
    • Xbox 360 Elite Console
  • Related to Nintendo DS
    • Brain Age
    • Big Brain Academy
    • Nintendo DS Lite Browser
    • New Super Mario Bros
    • Mario Kart
    • Pokemon Diamond
    • Pokemon Pearl
    • Nintendo DS Lite Onyx Black
    • Nintendo DS Lite - Polar White
  • Related to Playstation 3
    • Sony Playstation 3 Memory Card Adaptor
    • Sony Playstation 3 Blu-Ray DVD Remote
    • Sony Playstation 3 HDMI Cable
    • Sony Playstation 3 Wireless Controller
    • Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    • Call of Duty 3
    • Ninja Gaiden Sigma
    • The Darkness
    • Lair
    • Resistance: Fall Of Man
    • Sony PlayStation 3 (60GB)
  • Related to PSP
    • Sony PSP PlayGear Pocket
    • Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories
    • SanDisk 2 GB MemoryStick Pro Duo
    • Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) Core
  • Related to Wii
    • 2000 Wii Points Card
    • Wii Classic Controller
    • Wii Nunchuck Controller
    • Wii - Resident Evil 4
    • Wii Charge Station
    • Wii Remote Controller
    • Super Paper Mario - Wii
    • Wii - Mario Party 8
    • Wii - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    • Wii Play with Wii Remote
    • Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree
    • Mario Strikers Charged
    • Pokemon Battle Revolution
    • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
    • Super Mario Galaxy
    • Super Smash Bros. Brawl Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    • Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports
  • Related toMusic
    • iTunes $15 Gift Card
    • Apple iTunes $25 Gift Card
    • Apple itunes $50 Gift Card
    • Apple 2 GB iPod Nano AAC/MP3 Player Silver (2nd Generation)
    • Apple 30 GB iPod video Black (5.5 Generation)
    • Apple 30 GB iPod Video AAC/MP3 Player White (5.5 Generation)
*Note- Also can fulfill custom requests

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Saturday, December 1, 2007


Don't want NX cash, rather get the money instead? Then try this

Cashcrate has the same concept of Prizerebel. Its the same as prizerebel, but there is lots more offers. If you into these kind of stuff (survey, trail, ect) I suggest you do Cashcrate. You can earn up to hundreds to dollars from this site. Cashcrate send a check to your house, so put real information!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Free Mike and Ike Candies

If you want a bag of Mike and Ike for free then visit this site:

From there click "StockUp" and click "Take a Spin." From there you spin until you get three in a row (unlimited tries), and when you do get three in a row, put your address so they can send it you. You can also put your friend's information you have nothing to do, but spin. Don't try putting your address and name twice because they only send one per house hold per month. So you can get free candy every month!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Free Maple Points

Maple Points are distributed from Nexon now! When you sign up, you automatically get TWO points! Thats two out of five points you need to get 1,000 Maple Points! Each week, they pick 10 members randomly to get 10,000 Maple Points.

Q: Does MapleStory Mob cost anything?
A: No.
Q: What is the MapleStory Mob?
A: Fans of MapleStory working together to help spread the word about MapleStory on the web while at the same time earning rewards and having fun!
Q: What are MapleStory Mob Fame Points?
AWhen you complete a MapleStory Mob Quest, you receive a set amount of Fame Points.
Q: What can I do with MapleStory Mob Fame Points?
A: You can exchange MapleStory Mob Fame Points for prizes, such as Maple Points right now, and other cool prizes we'll have in the future. Currently, every 5 Fame Points you receive = 1000 Maple Points.
Q: How many MapleStory Mob Fame Points can I get?
A: There's no limit! The more Quests you complete, the more MapleStory Mob Fame Points you receive. You can only complete each Quest once though... BUT we will be giving extra prizes away every month for those Mobsters who go above and beyond.